Virtualization Concepts
Course Code: C014
Course Name: Virtualization Concepts
Course Duration: 14 Hours
Course Fees: 1100 LE

Course Objectives:

This course will focus on virtualization concepts for major network functions introduced by ETSI. NFV and SDN relation will be studied for convergence of Softwarization concepts. CDN (Content Delivery Network) use case is studied well as one of main use case for ETSI NFV.

Course Content:

  • General Virtualization Concept
  • NFV Paradigm
  • SDN Paradigm and OpenFlow
  • ETSI NFV Use Cases
  • CDNaaS Use Case 8 overview
  • vCDN as VNF Migration
  • Hands on open source KVM, Virtmanager for VMs creation and isolation, QoS, OpenFlow and Floodlight SDN controller

Course Prerequisites:

Introduction to Cloud Computing & Emerging Technologies Course (C013 )

Course Location:

Nasr City

Available Times:

Morning (9am:4pm)

Course Dates: