Professional Diploma in Video Production
Course Code: EL07
Course Name: Professional Diploma in Video Production
Course Duration: 90 hours
Course Fees: 1550 LE

Course Objectives:

  • This 3D Studio Max course is designed for those without prior 3DS Max experience to learn the fundamentals of this powerful top-end package. Discrete modules and bespoke courses are available if you wish to specialize and learn just some of the program's tools or if you already use the software and want proficiency in advanced features.

Course Content:

  • Understand premiere pro interface and main tools.
  • Learn how to edit movies and sound techniques.
  • Learn how to create and modify movies.
  • Add and editing transitions between shots.
  • Work with sound.
  • Understand animation techniques.
  • Export video.
  • Professionally add effects on movies and pictures.
  • Create projects and compositions with media clips that play in a sequence.
  • Apply animated effects and motion to sequenced media elements.
  • Render compositions and choose appropriate rendering options
  • Course Prerequisites:

    Course Location:

    Nasr City
    Smart Village

    Available Times:

    Morning (9am:3pm)

    Course Dates: