Understanding TCP/IP.
Course Code: NP01
Course Name: Understanding TCP/IP.
Course Duration: 30 Hours.
Course Fees: 1200 LE

Course Objectives:

This course introduces the TCP/IP architecture on which the Internet is based. This course explainsTCP/IP terminology and describes the fundamental concepts for the TCP/IP protocol suite.

Course Content:

  • Basic concepts of networking. Network topologies. The concept of layeredarchitecture modeling including OSI and the TCP/IP protocol suite.
  • Physical layer functionalities including signaling, modulation, multiplexing, linecoding and synchronization.
  • Link layer functionalities including frame synchronization, error detection andcontrol including ARQ, flow control mechanisms including sliding windows.
  • Circuit, packet and virtual circuit switching technologies
  • Local area network technologies. Multiple-access schemes such as CSMA/CD,CSMA/CA. MAC addressing.
  • Internetworking devices including repeaters, bridges, switches, routers andgateways.
  • Network layer protocols, including IP, ARP and ICMP.
  • Internet protocol IPv4 , IPv6
  • Internet routing including protocols used in the Internet such as RIP, OSPF andBGP.
  • Transport layer protocols including UDP and TCP.
  • Applications layer protocols such as HTTP, FTP, DNS, SMTP, TELNET
  • Network security overview.

Course Prerequisites:

  • The trainee should Know the basic communication networks fundamentals.

Course Location:

Nasr City

Available Times:

Morning (9am:3pm)

Course Dates: