Internetworking Techniques and Protocols.
Course Code: NP05
Course Name: Internetworking Techniques and Protocols.
Course Duration: 30 Hours.
Course Fees: 1200 LE

Course Objectives:

The Internetworking Technology course is to help network engineers to understand configuration of internetworking devices such as router and switch etc. LAN to WAN Internetworking course enables engineers to make planning and design process for Local Area Networks to be able to access Internet through WAN. Also it enables engineer to choose WAN protocols and evaluate its technologies to meet design requirements. Then engineer can make the network implementation, operation, and troubleshooting processes.

Course Content:

  1. “Introduction to Internetworking”.
    • Presents concepts basic to the understanding of internetworking and its devices.
  2. “LAN Protocols,”
    • Standard protocols used for accessing network physical media.
  3. “WAN Technologies”
    • Standard protocols used to implement wide-area networking.
  4. “Bridging and Switching,”
    • Protocols and technologies used to provide Layer 2 connectivity between sub networks.
  5. “Internet Protocol”
    • Internet Protocol Version 4.
    • Internet Protocol Version 6.
  6. “Routing Protocols,”
    • Protocols used to route information through an internetwork. Router Configuration and Operation

Course Prerequisites:

  • The trainee should Know the network fundamentals.

Course Location:

Nasr City

Available Times:

Morning (9am:3pm)

Course Dates: