Understanding IP Networking VPNs.
Course Code: NP06
Course Name: Understanding IP Networking VPNs.
Course Duration: 18 Hours.
Course Fees: 1200 LE

Course Objectives:

This course will present VPN fundamentals include VPN concepts and architectures, an in-depthexamination of advanced features and functions such as tunneling, authentication, access control,VPN gateways, VPN clients, and VPN network and service management.

Course Content:

  • Virtual Private Network main concepts.
  • VPN deployments.
    • IPsec protocol.
    • VPN Tunneling protocols.
  • VPN Authentication.
  • VPN services.
  • VPN Applications.

Course Prerequisites:

  • The trainee should Know the communication networks fundamentals.

Course Location:

Nasr City

Available Times:

Morning (9am:3pm)

Course Dates: