Post Graduate Diploma

Postgraduate Diploma in Communications and Information Engineering started in 1993. The program is accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities. The program aims to raise the scientific and applied competence of engineers working in the communications sector. The diploma program is a 30-hour credit system offered in three terms. The study in the program is divided into three phases. The first phase is introductory and covers in detail the theoretical and applied study of basic subjects for engineers in the communications and computer engineering sectors. In the second stage, the student chooses between one of two main specializations, the first specialization is “Artificial Intelligence and Modern Technologies” and the second specialization is “Advanced Communications Networks.” The third and final stage is implementing an applied project where the student participates in creating a project to employ and benefit from what was studied during the first two semesters.

The study in the program is based on the system of interactive lectures through the internet, where lectures are held for four days a week from Sunday to Wednesday, from 5 pm to 8 pm. Practical training is carried out either through virtual operating systems or through remote control programs for devices.

To register in the program, it is required that the student be a graduate of the faculties of communication and electronics engineering, or computer engineering. Registration in the program is through the NTI's website in August of each year, according to a schedule announced in the same month. The study begins in September and lasts for 10 months.

Examinations are held at the end of each term at the NTI Nasr City. Students from outside Cairo can request approval to be present at one of the institute's branches in the provinces (Alexandria - Mansoura - Monufia - Minya - Sohag - Qena - Aswan).

The first semester represents a preliminary stage that represents 12 credit hours out of the total program hours. The duration of the stage is 16 weeks. In this stage, the student studies project planning and management, information networks, unified communication systems, and advanced messaging systems.

The second semester represents a specialization stage with two specializations and represents 12 credit hours out of the total program hours. The duration of the stage is 16 weeks. The first specialization is "Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technologies". In this specialization, the student studies modern topics and technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and its various applications, cloud computing and its applications in data processing, electronic security, and Internet of Things systems. The second specialization is "Advanced Communication Networks". In this specialization, the student studies four subjects that include network performance analysis, information system security, mobile networks, wireless systems, and software-defined networks.

The third and final stage of the Graduate Diploma Program consists of implementing a graduation project that includes an analytical study in addition to simulating one of the systems that have been studied or designing and implementing a model for one of the components of the systems. The project represents 6 hours to complete the number of program hours to 30 credit hours. The duration of the stage is 8 weeks.

The total fees for the program are 4,700 Egyptian pounds for Egyptians. Tuition fees are paid in three installments at the beginning of each semester. Payment is made by Visa card at the NTI Nasr City or through the electronic payment platform.

The total fees for non-Egyptians are 4,700 US dollars.

For more information, you can contact the program's email