About NTI

“In a world living in the information and communication technology (ICT) age, information and knowledge became the drivers of growth and development.

These engines of growth can not be attained for any society, country or nation without proper development of information and communication infrastructure and proper utilization of ICT in all aspects of life.

Investment in human resource development and capacity building, creation of qualified professionals and cadres, scientific and applied research targeted at the development of ICT industry and new services are among the most essential pillars for sustainable development, if not for survival in a world where countries, institutions, companies and minds are competing and cooperating.



The National Telecommunication Institute (NTI), being a reputed scientific, educational and research institution founded in 1983 with the mandate of becoming the center of excellence for telecommunication education, training, research and development and consultancy services, is devoting all of its resources to the build up of these pillars of development and is well prepared and well equipped more than ever to play a major role in the fast paced development of the ICT industry.”

NTI as a scientific, training and research institution has these objectives:

  • Providing high quality, advanced post graduate engineering education and training in the field of telecommunications in order to meet the demand for professional engineers in modern telecommunication technology.
  • Conducting and sponsoring researches in the telecommunications field with the aim of solving technical problems which confront telecommunication companies, promoting local telecommunication industry and formulating a version for the future.
  • Providing technical and policy expertise in the form of consultation services, feasibility studies, network planning, standardization, technology assessment studies and field measurements and testing.
  • Organizing seminars, workshops and conferences in the various fields of telecommunication technology, policy and management.
  • Cooperating with regional and international organizations working in information and communications technology field.

For more information about the NTI please visit the NTI Website: http://www.nti.sci.eg/