Training Key Topics (10 Working Days)

Course Code: OEA02

Course Name: LTE System Overview

Course Contents:

  • Network Architecture
  • Evolution of Cellular Networks.
  • 3GPP Releases
  • E-UTRAN Architecture
  • E-UTRAN Interfaces and Protocols
  • EPC Architecture
  • EPC Interfaces and Protocols
  • LTE Air Interface Principles
  • Radio Interface Techniques
  • Principles of OFDM
  • LTE Channel Structures
  • LTE Frame Structure
  • Downlink OFDMA
  • Uplink SC-FDMA
  • Multiple Input Multiple Output
  • Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service
  • eNodeB Product Overview
  • The Huawei eNodeB family
  • Products and application scenarios
  • Operation and Maintenance.

Course Code: OEB80

Course Name: eNodeB Product Description

Course Contents:

  • eNodeB System Overview
  • eNodeB System Structure
  • eNodeB Auxiliary Devices
  • eNodeB Typical Networking

Course Code: OEB82

Course Name: eNodeB Field Maintenance

Course Contents:

  • Local Operation and Maintenance Introduction
  • check the status of board by LEDs
  • Routine Operation and Maintenance
  • Replacing boards and optical module of eNodeB
  • Routine Maintenance items for eNodeB
  • Practice

Course Code: OEB83

Course Name: eNodeB Equipment Commissioning

Course Contents:

  • eNodeB Commissioning Overview
  • eNodeB Remote Commissioning on the M2000
  • Automatic OMCH establishment phase during base station deployment by PnP
  • DHCP introduction
  • Schemes for Obtaining VLAN Information
  • Procedure for Obtaining Configuration Information in different Scenarios

Course Code: OEB74

Course Name: eNodeB Operation

Course Contents:

  • Structure of operation and maintenance system
  • Login eNodeB O&M system
  • eNodeB equipment management
  • eNodeB transport management
  • eNodeB Radio Management
  • eNodeB clock management
  • eNodeB inventory and report management
  • Software Management

Course Code: OEB851

Course Name: eNodeB Data Introduction for Initial Configuration

Course Contents:

  • eNodeB Data Configuration Introduction
  • Common Data Parameters Introduction
  • Data Preparation in Specific Scenarios
  • Practice on
  1. eNodeB data configuration preparation
  2. MML for common data
  3. MML for device data
  4. MML for transmission data
  5. MML for radio data
  6. MML for specific scenario

Course Code: OEB852

Course Name: eNodeB LTE Initial Configuration by CME

Course Contents:

  • eNodeB Data Configuration by CME Introduction
  • Preparing eNodeB Data
  • Creating eNodeB Data
  • Adjusting eNodeB Data
  • Checking eNodeB Data
  • Exporting eNodeB Data
  • Practice on eNodeB data configuration file preparation by CME

Course Code: OEB87

Course Name: eNodeB Reconfiguration

Course Contents:

  • Reconfiguration Working Flow
  • Reconfiguration Tools and Operation
  • Radio/Device/Transmission Data Reconfiguration
  • Data Reconfiguration in Typical Scenarios
  • Data preparation Practice on typical reconfiguration scenarios

Course Code: OEB86

Course Name: eNodeB Troubleshooting

Course Contents:

  • Troubleshooting Overview
  • Troubleshooting Cell Unavailable Faults
  • Troubleshooting IP Transmission Faults
  • Troubleshooting Application Layer Faults
  • Troubleshooting Synchronization Faults
  • Troubleshooting Transmission Security Faults
  • Troubleshooting RF Unit Faults
  • Troubleshooting License Faults
  • The TOP N alarms are picked from the engineering projects. By presenting the description, system impact, possible causes, and handling procedure of the TOP N alarms, give an overview of how to recognize and analyze alarms. Finally, cases about alarms handling are given for trainees to have a reference in practical maintenance work about alarms.
  • LTE common fault analysis methods and process steps

Course Code: OEB00

Course Name: eNodeB Site Solution

Course Contents:

  • Huawei LTE Product Introduction
  • Typical Out Door Site Coverage Solution
  • Typical in Door Site Coverage Solution
  • High-Speed Railway and Road Coverage Solution
  • FDD+TDD Site Solution
  • Easy Marco Site Solution
  • Tower Solution
  • Related Cable Solution