NTI Hosted the invited talk of Prof. Amr Sabry "Embedding Classical and Quantum ciruits in Haskell".

July 26th, 2012

The invited talk of Prof. Amr Sabry a professor of computer science at Indiana University ,USA took place at Prof Billal 's lecture hall at NTI .The talk was about "Embedding Classical and Quantum ciruits in Haskell"


The programming language Haskell has gained a well-deserve reputation as an expressive host language for embedding domain specific languages. In this largely tutorial talk, we will introduce the basics of Haskell, and then focus on monads which are one of the key abstractions used for embedding arbitrary sublanguages and their semantics in Haskell. We will illustrate the ideas by embedding a simple language of hardware circuits and then explore extensions of the embedding to quantum circuits.

Short Bio

Amr Sabry is a Professor of Computer Science at Indiana University. His research interests are in the semantics, logical foundations, and implementations of programming languages. He has published on a range of themes including the typing, logical foundations, and programming applications of continuations and continuation-passing style, reasoning about monadic effects and staged computation, and programming language models of quantum computing. Together with Matthias Felleisen, Sabry wrote a series of papers on the use of continuations in the compilation of functional languages which includes one of the fifty most influential papers in the last twenty years of the ACM SIGPLAN Conference Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI). Together with Eugenio Moggi, Sabry gave what is considered the long-awaited definitive answer that monadic encapsulation of effects using rank-2 polymorphism is correct.

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