Dr. Magued Osman visits National Telecommunication Institute.

March 14th, 2011

During his Excellency visit to the National Telecommunication Institute (NTI), minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Magued Osman underlined the important role of (NTI) during the forthcoming period.

In his visit, Dr. Osman met staff members, projects managers and employees stressing NTI role as one of the main tools of the ministry to build up calibers, develop scientific research, and resume regional and international outreach efforts.

Deputy minister of Communications and Information Technology for International Cooperation and NTI director, Dr. Ahmed El-Sherbini pointed out that NTI resumed all activities starting with 8 new training courses during the last two weeks for fresh graduates of engineering and engineers working at Mobinil and Telecom Egypt. Research programs are also in process such as the project on television broadcasting via Internet protocol in cooperation with Paris- South University.

Moreover, NTI was assigned by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to launch two training courses using distance learning techniques around security and confidentiality of networks, Information technology and developing e-content. These are to be presented to the Arab countries during the year 2011.

Meanwhile, NTI is organizing a training course for 15 calibers from the Republic of Moldova in the middle of next April, in cooperation with the ministry of Foreign Affairs (Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with the Commonwealth Countries).

After reviewing the activities, technical and scientific potential of the institute, Dr. Osman stressed the importance of ICT sector as a main development engine for the Egyptian society in such critical period. He also urged employees to keep up the good spirit and hard work in order to enroot Egypt’s role in ICT sector worldwide.

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