NTI cooperates with the Police Academy to develop eLearning contents.

May 3rd, 2010

A cooperation agreement was signed between Prof. Ahmed El-Sherbini, Deputy Minister of the Communications and Information Technology for International Cooperation and the NTI Director, and Dr. Emad Hussein, Deputy Minister of the Interior and Chairman of the Police Academy, to develop seven elearning material contents for the police academy, in order to support the academy students with up to date learning tools and techniques to help in the development of the IT infrastructure of the Academy.

The NTI have already been completed three of the elearning content materials, and these materials were presented at the police Academy's "science day", where Dr. Emad Hussein noted that these materials are prepared in an advanced and professional techniques and also he noted about the NTI Team's efforts in preparing these contents, He also commented on the importance of continuation of the cooperation between the NTI and the Police Academy which is welcomed by the Egyptian minister of interior Mr. Habib El Adly.

Prof. Ahmed El-Sherbini noted that these contents were prepared by the NTI eLearning team, under the leadership of engineer Nairouz Talaat in cooperation with the professors and the Lecturers at the police Academy, where the teaching aids including the Multimedia, Graphics, Sound, and Videos were done.

Prof. Ahmed El-Sherbini also commented on the importance of this cooperation, and how it was welcomed by the National Telecommunications institute, and by the Ministry of the Communications and Information Technology, and how it achieves the Integration between the educational organizations for the education system development.

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