Effective Arab-African Cooperation with NTI.

May 4th, 2009

Intensive training activities were carried out at the premises of National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) in Nasr City and the Smart Village in collaboration with Arab and African States for two weeks during the period from 4th to 14th of May, 2009.

NTI finalized the Professional Training Program in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), training 19 trainees from Sudan's Ministry of Telecommunication and Postal Services. The training was conducted in cooperation with the Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa at the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Sudanese trainees received the certificates from Dr. Ahmed El-Sherbini, NTI Director and Deputy of Egyptian Minister of Communications and IT. The trainees stressed on the importance of maximizing collaboration in the coming time, praising the NTI's role, facilities and teaching staff.

In another development, NTI hosted a high-level delegation of 15 specialists from the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The delegation was introduced to the NTI facilities and several activities for possible cooperation in research and development and training.

Separately, NTI got a telegraphic message from the Moroccan Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training, thanking the institute for the efforts exerted in developing its calibers' skills in ICT. The training was part of the cooperation with Cisco Systems. The ministry expressed readiness to continue the collaboration with NTI.

Meanwhile, three NTI engineers are scheduled to travel end of this month to Dubai, UAE to carry out a number of training programs for three weeks at Institute of Applied Technology, an affiliate of Ministry of Education. The programs will focus on networking technologies and the basics of information systems.

Such collaboration confirms the role NTI has been playing in building the potentials of Arab and African ICT calibers. It also stresses Egypt's keenness on communicating and exchanging expertise with fellow Arabs and Africans.

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