NTI Signs Cooperation Agreement with Arab Administrative Development Organization.

February 5th, 2008

National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) signed a cooperation agreement with Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO), an Arab League (AL) affiliate, on training the AL technical calibers on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and networks.

NTI Director Dr. Ahmed El-Sherbini and ARADO Director General Dr. Refaat El-Faory co-signed the agreement.

Dr. El-Sherbini said the agreement seeks to enhance the technical knowledge and technology integration of the AL member states.

The first step, Dr. El-Sherbini added, encompasses holding training courses on various specialized ICT fields like 3G communications and beyond, cellular communications network, WiMAX, satellite communications systems and fiber optic networks.

NTI experts will be assigned to conduct the workshops and seminars to be organized by ARADO in ICT and networks in the AL states.

The program will practically kick off by training a number of Saudi engineers at the ARADO headquarters in Cairo by the NTI experts on the CISCO networking system.

The agreement also entails the establishment of a local Cisco Networking Academy on the level of the CCNA network associate certification at the ARADO premises to be supervised by the NTI.

NTI is the entity assigned to monitor the training quality of CISCO academies. CISCO built 87 academies in the Middle East and North Africa, 17 of which are regional.

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