About the Program

One of the most important sectors affecting the Egyptian economy is Micro, Small and Medium enterprises as they are major engines of growth and job creation. Egypt has recently provided local and international initiatives and agreements for the financial support to encourage and benefit from MSMEs.

Rapid technological development and the lack of keeping up with the university curricula for this development is the most important challenges facing young graduates, particularly in the ICT sector, which negatively affect them to decide on the establishment of its own project.

National Telecommunication Institute provides relevant technical, project management and digital marketing training through three months Tech Startup Program to encourage fresh engineers or computer science graduates to start their own business. The program is conducted through qualified Professors and Researchers to transfer knowledge and experience.

Tech Startup program aims to support the knowledge of fresh graduates with the technologies and ideas that enable them to start the establishment of micro and small companies in the field of communications, electronics and information technology.

Tech Startup program is divided into several axes:

  1. Introduce a set of ideas for projects that serve as a nucleus for small and micro enterprises.
  2. Organizing training courses to prepare fresh graduates technically and scientifically for the latest technologies in the field of preparation and implementation of the proposed startup projects in five major programs.
  3. Inviting donors and major companies interested in startup project areas at the end of the program to provide opportunities and give the support needed to graduates to start their own businesses.

Scholarship Terms:

  1. Fresh Graduate Engineers or Computer Science.
  2. Full-time study during scholarship period.
  3. Pass the acceptance tests (IQ, English and Technical) and Interview.