Wazeefa-Tech Initiative

This presidential initiative is categorized under the train-to-hire programs strategy of MCIT. The philosophy here is how to change the traditional model of training and skill development perception. The objective of this initiative is to encourage the candidate to invest in his/her future and get a job at the end of the program. During the journey of training the candidates acquired specific technologies based on the ICT companies’ needs and requirements to ensure that candidates are prepared to contribute effectively upon hire. The cost of training varies according to the specializations with no additional expenses. All extra expenses will be paid by MCIT and Tahya Misr Fund. Thus, the trainees will pay only the cost of the training after being employed. Nasr Social Bank will cover the cost of the training with a zero-interest loan. Once the trainee lands a job, he/she can repay the loan from their salaries which not be less than 6000EGP, in installments payable up to three years. The advantage here is increased employability for candidates by not only demonstrating their dedication to gaining relevant skills but also by providing them with the necessary qualifications and experience sought by employers. The hiring rate of this initiative is 95% through our successful partners locally or regionally in the field of ICT, who have different educational backgrounds and graduated from different universities.