National Telecommunication Institute

The National Telecommunication Institute (NTI), being a reputed scientific, educational and research institution founded in 1983 with the mandate of becoming the center of excellence for telecommunication education, training, research and development and consultancy services, is devoting all of its resources to the build up the pillars of development and is well prepared and well equipped more than ever to play a major role in the fast paced development of the ICT industry.

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Digital Egypt Youth (DEY) Initiative

H.E. Mr. President Abdel Fattah ElSisi launched the technology learning initiative to build capacity of young calibers on the latest information, communications, and electronics technologies.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) leads executing the Initiative through the Information Technology Industry Development Agency and the National Telecommunication Institute.

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Post Graduate Diploma

NTI offers a one-year post graduate diploma in information and communications engineering, accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities. it is a thirty credit hours program offered in three terms specialized in: "Advanced Telecommunication Networks" or "Wireless Communication Systems".

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NTI e-Learning Center

This e-learning center, established in NTI, adds a new dimension to education and training programs. This center can provide educational and training programs via Internet to participants in dispersed places. The center provides a new learning environment where participants can share the scientific material at the same time from anywhere.

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NTI - Cisco Academy

NTI has started with Cisco Networking Academy Program (CNAP) since 2001 as both Regional and Local Academy. NTI has been accredited by Cisco Systems in July 2006 as Cisco Academy Training Center (CATC) for MENA region. NTI was selected by Cisco Systems in May 2012 as an Instructor Training Center (ITC) and Academy Support Center (ASC).

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في ضوء ما يتعرض له العالم الان من انتشار فيروس كورونا وما تعانيه معظم دول العالم من الاحتياج الشديد لتوفير اجهزه تنفس صناعي للمصابين وعدم قدره المصانع المنتجة لها على مستوى العالم على توفير الاعداد المطلوبة رغم عملها بكامل طاقاتها الانتاجية ، مما اصبح لزاما على جميع الدول البدء في توحيد جهود العلماء والمصنعين على مستوى قومي لإيجاد حلول محليه لتوفير اجهزه تنفس صناعي تفي احتياجات المرحلة في ظل تفشي هذا الوباء عالميا. كما تطوعت بعض الشركات العالمية المصنعة بإتاحة حقوق الملكية الفكرية لبعض اجهزه التنفس الصناعي الخاصة بها لدول العالم للمساعدة في حل الفجوة في الاحتياجات الخاصة بأجهزة التنفس الصناعي عالميا.

هذا في اطار الجهود التي قامت بها العديد من المعاهد والجامعات والمراكز البحثية المصرية على مستوى الجمهورية في العمل على إيجاد حلول محليه لتوفير اجهزه تنفس صناعي محليه المكونات حرصت وزارة الاتصالات وتكنولوجيا المعلومات متمثلة في المعهد القومي للاتصالات الي توحيد تلك الجهود من خلال المبادرة الجديدة "مشاركتك اهتمام" والذي يعلن المعهد القومي للاتصالات عن فتح باب المشاركة الاولي تحت عنوان "تصنيع جهاز تنفس صناعي مصري بمكونات محليه الصنع".

NTI's Scientific Departments

Computers and Systems Department
This department provides information system services to all other NTI departments. It also implements research activities, training and consultation services in various information technology fields.

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Switching and Traffic Department
The switching and traffic department carries research activities, applied training and consultation in the switching field, which is realized through up-to-date equipment, tools and laboratories that support the new technologies.

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Electronics Department
The electronics department focuses on applied and scientific research in the telecommunication electronic design and engineering field. The department supports and cooperates with the local industry and provides high level training programs in electronic design and manufacturing.

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Transmission Department
The transmission department interests focus on transmission systems and transmission technologies. It offers continuous education and training for professional and field engineers especially in the microwave and optical communication domains. It also offers consultation for companies operating microwave systems and optical networks.

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Networks Planning Department
Networks planning department has up-to-date equipments, laboratories, design tools and simulation software packages that support new technologies in network planning field. The department uses these facilities for training, research and development and technical consultations.

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NTI Latest Events

The Opening ceremony of the fiber optic training center at the National Telecommunication Institute in Smart Village, Under the auspices and presence of his Excellency Dr. Amr Talaat, The Minister of Communications and Information Technology and Prof. Iman Ashour, National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) Director, and Eng.Hala El Gohary, The CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) and Eng. Mustafa Abdul Wahid, The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) Acting Executive President and Dr. Ashraf Abdel Haq, The Project Executive Director (NTI).In addition to a group of specialists and companies working in the field of communications and information technology. The center offers specialized training in installing, operating and maintaining optical fiber networks.

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