About the workshop

Autonomous Vehicles (AV) field is one of promising technologies at the moment. AV target the deployment of service chains including sensors sensing, computer vision, localization, High Definition (HD) Map building, path planning, and control. AV sensors include ultrasonic, cameras, radar, LiDAR, and Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) devices. Moreover, AV sensors generate heterogeneous data and need intelligent data fusion methods and machine learning techniques such as object classification, inference, and artificial intelligence models that ease the autonomous driving process. In recent AV sensors deployments, vehicles use a wide variety of sensing competences. Autonomous vehicles are connected with other vehicles and infrastructures according to Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) protocols.

This workshop will highlight the Open Challenges and Issues in the Autonomous Vehicles field including regulations regarding intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Also, frequencies and wireless communications security issues. Moreover, it will cover the self-driving aspect and what is behind as artificial intelligence models. Finally, AWS will guide the developers to increase their skills in this vital domain through their DeepRacer engine.

Participants will join AWS academy for cloud practitioner and ML foundations courses. Moreover, participant will get through the relevant skills on AWS for DeepRacer platform.

This workshop is accessible to everyone, with or without prior introduction to the main concepts of autonomous vehicles. We will focus on how these concepts relate to research, education and innovation organizations, giving participants concepts that they can bring back to their workplace and start seeing immediate change in this field.

The program of this one-day event will consist of a few invited speakers presenting recent Technologies and applications in the area of Autonomous Vehicles, which are also of interest to the field of Machine Learning. Attendance is open to anyone. There will also be some space for discussing open problems.


Invited Speakers

Dr. Ramy Ahmed
Sector Head, Strategic Planning, NTRA, Egypt
Vice Chairman, Study Group 20 , ITU-T, Switzerland, NTRA

Dr. Mohamed Radwan
AI Senior Expert, Valeo

Eng. Shady Zahran
Chief Operating Officer, SEITech

Prof. Mohsen Tantawy
Network Planning Department, NTI

Eng. Mohamed Salah
Sr Solutions Architect, AWS WWPS
Bio: Solution Architect with 15 years of experience in IT, leading solution design and project delivery of UAE connected vehicles. Expertise in digital transformation and IoT across different industries - public sector, telecommunication, and transportation.

Prof. AbdElMonem ElSharkawy
Chairman of the national academy of information technology for persons with disabilities (NAID), (MCIT)